Landscape Lighting

Our Landscape lighting solutions will have your landscape looking perfect day and night!

Our team at Smithbridge Gardens has the ability to design and install landscape lighting for your landscape, hardscape or deck. Landscape lighting has several benefits. Firstly, you have an amazing landscape so why not show it of day and night? Landscape lighting will have your yard looking stunning at night as well as during the day. Secondly, landscape lighting offers additional security to your home. A well-lit yard can deter people from coming onto your property at night. 

A good landscape lighting project needs to be planned from the beginning. Wires need to be run and allowances for the way the light will shine need to be made. We take the time and effort to plan every aspect of your landscape or hardscape project. Good planning leads to a great finished project. For well thought out, high-quality lighting solutions call us today!

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